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English night with ToscanaIN, The Florentine and Yelp
02 luglio 2013
“Show & Tell” Share your story through objects - at Rari Nantes in Florence

with Yelp and The Florentine
5th Annual ToscanaIN English Night
“Show & Tell”
Share your story through objects

Tuesday July 2, 2013 from 7pm to 22pm
Location: Rari Nantes Firenze - Lungarno Ferrucci 24, Firenze

Event cost: €10 for the aperitivo, payable upon arrival.
Registration required at the following link:
Optional ToscanaIN annual membership until the end of 2013 available for €20.

In English speaking countries, “Show & Tell” is a common exercise in elementary schools to familiarize kids with public speaking. They bring in an object from home and talk about it in front of the class, saying what it is, why they like it, where they got it, etc.
This year for ToscanaIN English night we’re doing a big kids’ version of “Show & Tell”! Bring in something you like and tell everyone about it. It could be something you made: maybe you took a great photograph, wrote a book, or crafted some jewelry. Or it can be something you bought, found, or got as a gift: a souvenir from a trip or something inherited from your grandmother.
Whatever it is, we are sure it will be interesting, and that people will want to know more about you based on the object you choose to show us. But… no pressure! This is a casual and friendly environment that welcomes English speakers of ALL levels. Everyone who presents will get a Yelp gadget, and there are fun prizes for the best, funniest or most moving stories!
This event will flow naturally into the ample aperitivo in which we can all get to know each other better.
Some small rules:
1)     everyone must bring an object
2)     your show and tell must be in English!
3)     It should last 1-3 minutes.
4)     If you bring another human as your show and tell, you have to pay for its food J
5)     If you need to bring something large or alive, please check with the organizers first.
The event is organized by Alexandra Korey, The Florentine (for the 5th consecutive year) and Kristina Grancaric, Florence community manager for Yelp.

For more information about Show & Tell, please see our video invitation (soon available on our

English night with ToscanaIN, The Florentine and Yelp
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