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ToscanaIN NEXT e Syracuse University present an English Speed Dinner - Thursday 14th April from 19.30 at Le Murate
14 aprile 2011
with The Florentine media partnership a multicultural networking event for young Americans and Tuscans exchange

ToscanaIN association
in collaboration with The Syracuse University in Florence
with the media partnership of The Florentine presents

English Speed Dinner for young Americans and Tuscans: a multicultural networking event

Thursday 14th of April Florence at Le Murate (piazza delle Murate) from 19.30
then from 20.30 at Le Carceri restaurant (piazza Madonna della Neve)

Dinner costs 15,00€ per person.
Participants must subscribe choosing their tables sending a mail to
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Many are the American students spending in Florence a few months of their academic careers. And Tuscan young people would be happy to meet them and show the beauty of their culture, food, habits. But often Young Americans and Young Tuscans do not meet! ToscanaIN association with its NEXT division (under 31 years old members) accepted the proposal of Syracuse University to host a stageur and give her the task to organize a multicultural exchange event to mix with American students.

If you are < 31 years old, join the English Speed Dinner organized by ToscanaIN networking association & the Syracuse University in Florence: at each dish people will change table to discuss a different topic (maximus 3) and meet with different people. A unique occasion to meet and exchange creative ideas on: International worklife and multicultural education!
Monday 14th of April from 19.30 at Le Murate the Tables coordinators will introduce their topics and then from 20.30 at Le Carceri restaurant in Florence the Speed Dinner will start. And participants have the chance to win one of The Florentine Press books! How? Giving us an idea of an activity (a football match, a speed dinner, or !?) to mix together Young Americans and Young Tuscans. The 4 most innovative (and concrete) ideas, will receive a book.

Here are the table topics:
  • TABLE 1 – EDUCATIONand integration - how to make the most of the American Academic presence in Florence?  by Debora Spini (Syracuse University in Florence)
  • TABLE 2 – CREATIVITY:  American and Florentine young people share their own ideas of creativity by Annalisa Rossi (Syracuse University in Florence)
  • TABLE 3 – JOURNALISM:  Florence seen through American eyes by Brenda Dionisi (The Florentine)
  • TABLE 4 – MULTICULTURALITY: how the Americans are missing an Italian experience in Florence by Aaron Craig (Performance International / Evolving Design)
  • TABLE 5 – WORKPLACE: Creativity in the workplace: making the most of your degree by Alexandra Korey (The Florentine)
  • TABLE 6 – SUSTAINABILITY: Personal and social responsibility to create sustainable, happy and successful professional careers by Stefano Matini (Domani Communications)
From 20.30 a rich dinner will start at Le Carceri Restaurant with the following menu: Parmigiana di melanzane, rigatoni al ragù toscano, tiramisù complete with water, wine, coffe (15,00€ for each participant).

ToscanaIN NEXT e Syracuse University present an English Speed Dinner - Thursday 14th April from 19.30 at Le Murate
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