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A Tavola: Cultural Experience Through Conviviality - 11th July at Syracuse University in Florence
11 luglio 2011
ToscanaIN with the media partnership of The Florentine presents the 3rd English night
The cost of the evening (open to ToscanaIN members and to guests) is 10,00€ payable at the entrance. This fee covers operational costs and gives you access to the rich buffet aperitivo. Those who wish to join ToscanaIN association this evening may sign up for a 2011 membership card (20,00€). Registration required:

Food unites us. What we eat and how we eat it is particular to each culture, but the act itself is human and common to us all. Over food, constitutions are signed, friendships are made, cultures are discovered. This evening, the third “English Night” organized by ToscanaIN association and The Florentine, speakers from all over the world recount encounters with Italian food from their own cultural points of view.

Coordinated by Alexandra Korey (The Florentine, SUF alumni)
Welcome from the Director of Syracuse University in Florence, Sasha Pellegrini

From 19.00 to 20.30
Debora Spini, professor, Syracuse University -> Food and Family in the study abroad experience
Alexandra Lawrence, Editor at large, The Florentine -> The language of Italian food
Irene Qi, entrepreneur, Asia Italian Solution -> Cultural differences on Italian and Chinese dinner tables
Marcia Cristina Baroni, Insulin QA/QC Director, Eli Lilly -> Business lunches around the world
Robin Donald, Director, This Little Piggy -> Bringing Scotland to the Garfagnana
Rebecca Winke, writer (@Brigolante) -> From vegetarian to pig slaughter, adapting to life in Umbria

With photographic intervals by Emiko Davies ( and Sofie Delauw (The Florentine,

From 20.30 to 22.00 networking and buffet dinner in the SUF gardens.
This delicious cross-cultural menu is prepared by American Salad Co / La Buona Tavola in the person of our member Paula Carrier: Lentil tabbouleh, Couscous Panzanella, Salad Niçoise, Spinach and Feta Pie, Vol au vents with sausage and stracchino, Pizzette, Lemon cake. Drinks: spumante, red wine, fruit juice, water

A Tavola: Cultural Experience Through Conviviality - 11th July at Syracuse University in Florence
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