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A multicultural networking aperitif for young Americans and Italians
29 giugno 2011
A night organized by ToscanaIN NEXT ,embers and SUF (Syracuse University) students with The Florentine media partnership

ToscanaIN NEXT
in collaboration with The Syracuse University in Florence
and with the media partnership of The Florentine presents

A multicultural networking aperifit for young Americans and Italians

Wednesday 29nd of June in Florence from 19.00
at Le Carceri restaurant (piazza Madonna della Neve at Le Murate)

Aperitif (buffet food and one drink) costs 5,00€ per person.
RSVP required by email to
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There are many American students whospend a few months of their academic career in Florence. And Italian young people would be happy to meet them and help introduce them to the beauty of their culture, food, and habits. But often Young Americans and Young Tuscans do not meet! ToscanaIN association with its NEXT division (members under 30 years old) accepted the proposal of Syracuse University to host an intern and give her the task of organizing a multicultural exchange event. This is the second event of this type that we’ve hosted, after the success of the on held in Spring 2011 (watch the video on ToscanaIN blog).

If you are under 30 years old, join the aperitif organized by ToscanaIN networking association & Syracuse University in Florence: we will be talking about different experiences of Fashion, Art, Food and Tourism. Prepare to present yourself and your own experience, and to listen to others with the help of Sophia Ann Montesdeoca (SUF) and Giulia Lancietti (NEXT)
We have decided on a colour scheme for the evening: If you are Italian please wear a green piece of clothing or accessory; if you are American or anything else, please wear something red. We will give you a number (Green for Italians and Red for American) and match you with a new friend for the evening!

Thanks to our media-partnership with The Florentine, participants also have the chance to win the book that suggests 90 ways to explore the city, Jane Fortune’s “To Florence con Amore” printed by The Florentine Press! How? Submit your original idea for a future activity we might organize to help mix Young Americans and Young Tuscans. The most innovative (and concrete) idea, will receive the book.
So see you Wednesday 29nd of June at 19.00 at Le Carceri restaurant (piazza Madonna della Neve at Le Murate in Florence, near Sant’Ambrogio market) and tell your class-mates and friends: it’s a unique occasion to meet and exchange creative ideas on the topics chosen for the evening!

A multicultural networking aperitif for young Americans and Italians
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